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Quick Facts




Singapore Standard Time GMT +8


Singapore dollar



English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil


17.25% ++



Talent Landscape

Singapore is an international business hub where many big companies have their APAC headquarters. The talent here is comparable with the likes of Silicon Valley; leaders come to Singapore to fill senior leadership positions and high-skill roles. Combined with its convenient geographical position, stable reputation, and ease of access into regional economies, these factors bolster Singapore’s attractiveness as Southeast Asia’s leading business hub.

Top roles in demand

Full Stack Developer

Backend Developer

DevOps Engineer

Business Development Manager

Frontend Developer

Median Salary (USD)

Regionally, Singapore has the highest median salary as compared to its neighboring countries. Due to its high cost of living, it is the most expensive destination to hire skilled tech talent.

Popular jobs and median monthly base salary

Singaporean talent are known to be adaptable to different work environments, quick thinkers and effective problem solvers with strong work ethic.

Job Title

Median Monthly Base Salary (in SGD)

Median Monthly Base Salary (in USD)

Full Stack Developer



Backend Developer



DevOps Engineer



Business Development Manager



Frontend Developer



Job Title

Monthly Base Salary

Software Engineer

SGD 3,290

USD 2,510

UI/UX Designer

SGD 5,080

USD 3,780

Product Manager

SGD 6,440

USD 4,790

Data Scientist

SGD 4,960

USD 3,690

Business Development & Sales Executive

SGD 3,970

USD 2,950

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Working Culture
Singapore's work culture is a blend between Western and Asian values. It's a cross cultural melting pot with young professionals who are typically proficient in at least two languages.
Mix of Asian & Western influences
Huge western MNCs based here have mostly a western-style work culture. However, a majority of local government and private companies still follow traditional Asian culture.
Singapore's work culture emphasizes a lot on respect, and respect for authority. Often, executives and high-level employees have great power in MNCs and government companies. Junior employees are expected to comply completely with all directions. On the flipside, power gaps in startups and SMEs have less distance between each level. Higher managers are more willing to share authority in decision making with their subordinates, and to leave certain latitudes for disagreement.
Collectivism over Individualism
Majority of local firms practice group-centeredness — the traditional value of cooperation amongst group members to maintain group harmony.
Following rules
Singaporeans generally abide to rules thanks to the country's extensive rules and regulations. This applies to the workplace as well. Singaporeans establish working patterns for other employees to follow. They will then stick to these set of rules and rarely make modifications to it.

Employment Terms

Written employment contracts have become standard practice when hiring in Singapore, where both soft and hard copies are acceptable (including handwritten). They are required when employing anyone for more than 14 days, and must be issued within 14 days of the start of employment.

Employers and employees may include any term within legal boundaries, as local law permits freedom of contract. Most of these terms are subject to the Singapore Employment Act, which covers salary and compensation.









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