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Quick Facts




China Standard Time UTC+ 8


New Taiwan

Dollar (NTD)









Talent Landscape

As the world's largest manufacturer of semiconductors and advanced chips, Taiwan is the region's innovator. As a low-cost, high-knowledge research hub in Asia, it's also the gateway to expanding into China or the Mandarin-speaking market. Taiwan's talent pool possesses excellent technical qualifications – as well as solid communication skills – which make them highly competitive on a global stage.

Tech skills in demand

Backend Developer

Frontend Developer

Hardware Engineer

Product Manager

Full Stack Developer

Median Salary (USD)

Taiwan's median salary is high as compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. Fintech and high-tech manufacturing are Taiwan's most digitized sectors, making its tech talent indispensable to the global economy.

Popular jobs and median monthly base salary

Taiwan's workforce is highly digitally-literate and adaptable to new and emerging technologies, which has attracted the likes of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM to its shores.

Job Title

Median Monthly Base Salary (in NTD)

Median Monthly Base Salary (in USD)

Backend Developer



Fronted Developer



Hardware Engineer



Product Manager



Full Stack Developer



Job Title

Monthly Base Salary

Software Engineer

NTD 80,110

USD 2,600

UI/UX Designer

NTD 53,000

USD 1,720

Product Manager

NTD 72,100

USD 2,340

Data Scientist

NTD 54,230

USD 1,760

Business Development & Sales Executive

NTD 51,770

USD 1,680

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Working Culture

Taiwanese culture centers around relationships with a strong emphasis on Asian values and harmony. The employees are hardworking and fiercely loyal to the companies they work for.

Relationship oriented

The Taiwanese prefer to know someone personally before doing business with them, which extends to workplace culture. Invest time into building rapport with your Taiwanese colleagues. Genuine personal connections are important for business success; sincerity, commitment and respect will go a long way in establishing a fulfilling working relationship. It helps that the Taiwanese are extremely friendly.


The Taiwanese are hardworking and willing to work long hours (if required) without complaining. Maybe that’s why work hours in Taiwan are the 8th longest in the world. An average Taiwanese employee works 2116 hours a year – nearly 200 hours more than employees in other countries.

Strong values & harmony

Besides hard work, Taiwanese people also value patience, humility, and respect for others. They are highly motivated, family-orientated people who dislike ill-mannered and belligerent behaviour. “Losing face” brings shame to their entire family.

Direct yet nuanced communication

Taiwanese people pay a lot of attention to the context surrounding spoken words and tend to avoid answering directly, especially if it is negative, and they will use silence and non-verbal cues to communicate implicitly. Taiwanese are forthright and share their ideas clearly without hesitation. When relaying information that is negative, they will never say “no” directly, instead will say “we’ll try”.

Employment Terms

Issuing individual employment contracts is recognized as best practice in Taiwan; these contracts outline code of conduct, remuneration, and other key terms of the employment agreement. It is advisable to use the local language and currency in these contracts, which must be issued for long-term employment. Though rules are typically flexible in Taiwan, contract terms must be aligned with Taiwanese employment law as per Labor Standards Act and Civil Code. Take note that any company with over 30 employees in Taiwan must register written work rules with the local labor authority.









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