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Essential Nuances for Market Entry and Growth

with Eric Chin,

Group CBDO of InCorp Global

with Eric Chin,

Group CBDO of InCorp Global

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About the episode

Businesses are drawn to Southeast Asia for a multitude of reasons. But how can you refine your existing strategy to maximize success and manage risk in this dynamic region?

In this episode, we'll tackle the intricacies of establishing and scaling a business across Southeast Asia for successful expansion. Join us as we explore how organizations can optimize their structure and resources while navigating the lay of the land, delving deep into different business models, foreign ownership regulations, risk mitigation strategies, and more.

Guest speaker

Eric Chin, Group CBDO of InCorp Global

Eric is the Group Chief Business Development Officer of InCorp Global, where he heads up the group’s sales and consulting teams across 8 countries. Other than the sales function, he also heads up the Partnership function as well as the Digital Marketing teams for the Group.

He provides consultancy to companies across a variety of industries on the ideal market-entry strategies and suitable structures for setting up or expanding operations in Asia. He also provides advisory to fund managers and family offices on structuring, setup as well as applicable tax incentives.

Before joining InCorp, he was the Senior Vice President and Team Lead of the International Subsidiaries Banking division of HSBC and OCBC. An ex-corporate banker for more than 11 years, he has extensive experience in working with companies of different segments: tech startups, scaleups, international SMEs, funds, listed companies and multinational corporations in Singapore and the rest of the world.