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Luce Maintenance Group

Luce Maintenance Group

Glints helps Singaporean startup Luce find skilled tech talent in the midst of a talent crunch.

“We had put off digitalization for some time simply because we weren’t sure that we could build a team that could sustain that effort.

- Jason Zheng, CEO & Co-founder of Luce MG





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Luce is the chosen supplier of cleaning and servicing to over 400 local businesses and 1,000 Singaporean households. Their clients include Berkshire Hathaway, the Ministry of Home Affairs, and the Spanish Embassy.

They engage skilled cleaners and servicemen to support their clients at home and in their workplaces – with a wide range of services including: home cleaning, office cleaning, general laundry, air-conditioning, pest control, floor polishing and carpet cleaning.


Needing to hire skilled tech talent in order to digitalise their business, Luce relied on traditional job postings and scoured through their existing connections to find the right fit. That process was long, cumbersome, and ultimately unproductive; with local tech talent becoming increasingly scarce.  

Looking overseas was another option they considered. However, they lacked the contacts and talent insights in these unfamiliar markets, and lamented having to figure out the idiosyncratic hiring laws that applied to each specific region.


Faced with a bottleneck in their recruitment efforts and the pressure to digitalise quickly, Luce decided to partner with Glints to solve their hiring woes roles quickly and affordably.

The latter’s regional network of more than 2 million interview-ready talent meant that Luce could find what they were looking for in a fraction of that time.

Within a span of one month, the cleaning startup managed to hire software engineers based in Batam, Indonesia, to kickstart their digitalisation process.

More than a year in, their remote employees have proven to be reliable and instrumental in the development of their digitalisation efforts – a testament to Glints’ comprehensive vetting process.

“After the last year or so with Glints, we had finally been able to do so, and that’s very much due to the increase of the talent pool that we were able to access.”


With the help of their new hires, the cleaning startup recently launched their brand new consumer platform, with optimism all around that the company will achieve a top-line growth of at least 50% by next year.

Luce continues to work closely with Glints, utilizing their tailored suite of HR solutions in addition to the initial talent acquisition process. Glints’ Managed Talent service assists businesses with their onboarding processes, and helps integrate new hires with their existing teams in various ways – such as weekly check-ins and community engagement programs.

This provides startups like themselves with the crucial bandwidth to focus on business development.

By working with Glints’ to clean up the cobwebs in their HR processes, the foundation was set for Luce to take their business to a shiny and sparkling new level.

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