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Quokka HR

Glints assists Hong Kong-based startup Quokka HR to build a tech hub in Indonesia to drive iteration and scale their digital platform.

“To have account managers on the ground locally helps a lot, because they can talk to our team on regular schedules, help us onboard the talent, and deliver messages.”

- Yeung Shing & Herbert Siu, co-founders of Quokka HR


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Quokka is a SaaS people management platform that focuses on enhancing employee experience in the digital era. They collect data from organizations and automate various aspects of the engagement process, turning complex data into actionable insights.

Their vision is to help companies develop engaged and high performing teams to foster long-term commitment. Through their platform, they enable businesses to gain insights into the unique motivations of each individual member and provide opportunities for growth and development—so that individuals find fulfillment in their work.


Hiring the right tech talent is crucial for SaaS platforms like Quokka. But recruiting from a hyper competitive market like Hong Kong is not ideal as local talents are often more expensive, and may fall short of experience.

For founders Yeung Shing and Herbert Siu, this lack of an affordable talent pool was the biggest obstacle in the initial stages of their development.

Although they had considered looking into hiring talent beyond borders, they were unsure on how to tap into unfamiliar markets, and were skeptical about whether new hires would fit into their culture.


Despite their initial doubts, Quokka knew that they had to solve their recruitment woes quickly – so they got in touch with Glints, a recruitment management platform that boasts a regional talent pool of over 5 million interview-ready candidates in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

With Glints’ help, Quokka quickly found their first hire, a software engineer from Indonesia. Throughout the recruitment process, Glints played a crucial role in screening candidates, coordinating interviews, and facilitating the seamless onboarding of the new team member.

The ease and affordability of working with Glints had led them to decide that it was worth it to invest more in expanding the team. Since then, they’ve hired 5 more remote tech talent, and grown to a team of 10 to push forward with their business development.

“I think Glints has very good customer service. We’re not a multinational trying to hire thousands of people, but we still feel they care and want us to succeed with them.”


Following their initial hire, the convenience and cost-effectiveness of collaborating with Glints persuaded them that establishing a tech hub was a viable option. They quickly hired five more tech talent in Indonesia and expanded their team to ten members, which further accelerated their business development efforts.

Since then, Quokka’s new hires have certainly made quite the difference. Workflows are more efficient, communication is seamless, and the product development process has sped up significantly.

As a result, they recently launched their beta and acquired several early adopters for their product. They are currently in the iteration stage, and the founders are optimistic that they’ll be able to land bigger clients in the near future.

Glints continues to assist Quokka beyond the initial recruitment process, saving them a considerable amount of time and hassle by taking care of all their HR and payroll matters to ensure strict compliance.

With their recruitment woes settled and software development progressing smoothly, Quokka have turned their attention right back to the core of their business: ensuring that their client’s employees across the globe are engaged, and that their team’s performances are optimized with the help of their jovial, ever-beaming platform.

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