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Park n Parcel

Park N Parcel

Glints assists Singapore last-mile logistics startup Park N Parcel with finding affordable tech talent in Southeast Asia to expand their range of tech-enabled services.

“We were able to develop our app and develop technologies to enhance our software to adapt to our operational needs; these are very important aspects.”

- Bryan See Toh, CEO of Park N Parcel





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One of Singapore's fastest growing logistics networks, Park N Parcel specializes in last-mile eCommerce fulfillment and offers customized delivery solutions to various businesses, with a full IT-enabled and integration support network.

Their mission is to optimize last-mile efficiencies across Southeast Asia through the means of technology.


To keep up with the increased demand for last-mile delivery services, Park N Parcel set out on a mission to make their processes more efficient. Their goal was to build a new SaaS platform this year, as well as enhance their route optimisation, driver management, and order management app.

But these are goals that would not be possible without the help of the right tech talent.

In a hyper-competitive market like Singapore which faces an increasingly scarce talent pool, the cost of hiring local tech talent was not cheap.


Park N Parcel then turned their attention to hiring remote talent from overseas. However, sourcing and subsequently managing remote talent was a daunting prospect for a team who was unacquainted with the process. They were also apprehensive about potential language barriers and whether it would affect their workflow.

Park N Parcel decided to engage talent recruitment and management partner Glints to assist with their search for tech talent.

Within weeks, Glints tapped on their active regional network of talent to shortlist a suitable pool of candidates, then facilitated the onboarding process after screening interviews were conducted. The company has since brought on more than eight tech talent in Indonesia to fill their frontend and backend developer roles.

“The service provided by Glints is full-suite, holistic and seamless. It feels more like a partner than a service provider.”


The startup’s new hires have all integrated seamlessly with the company’s work culture, and that has enabled the company to push on with their business growth.

Park N Parcel currently holds large accounts like Lazada, Alibaba, and Samsung in their portfolio – with their tech talent playing a key role in building the tech capabilities needed to meet the growing demands of these e-commerce giants.

What was once a major cause of concern in the boardroom is now a non-issue thanks to their strategic partnership with Glints. Impressed by the quality and supply of talent, Park N Parcel fully intends to grow their tech team with Glints in the future.

The ability to bring the best tech talent across the region onboard is essential to the heart and soul of the tech-enabled business.

Now that a capable team of tech talent has arrived on their porch, the startup has shifted their focus back to what really matters: achieving faster fulfilment for your everyday needs.

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