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Startup Talent Trends Report 2024

In the face of new challenges, the Southeast Asia startup ecosystem stands as resilient as ever, with founders harnessing AI for growth and a fresh wave of highly skilled, adaptable talent rising to the occasion.

Take a deep dive into our newest report to uncover the latest salary and talent trends that are shaping the dynamic SEA startup landscape in an AI era!

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Key Findings

Startup salaries cool in 2023 with junior engineering roles seeing the sharpest decline of -6%.

Business Development and Sales salaries spike with increases of up to 20%.

Despite layoffs and salaries cooling, demand for tech talent remains high across markets amid increased supply.

Soft skills such as critical thinking and creative thinking are increasingly prioritized due to a tightened market and an emerging AI-centric landscape.

AI is boosting productivity in the workplace, yet jobs remain secure.

Cross-border hiring is gaining momentum as a strategy to improve cost-effectiveness and enhance profitability.

What You’ll Get From the Report

Latest Compensation Data

Discover the latest salary and equity data for startup founders, C-suites, and talent across Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

AI-Centric Insights & Strategies

Explore the growing impact and influence of AI on startup teams, along with adoption tips and strategies from leading AI experts and enablers.

Future of Work Trends

Gain insights into emerging regional talent and team-building trends from the perspectives of founders, business leaders, and investors.

Data-Driven Insights for Business Leaders & People Managers

The report encompasses more than 10,000 data points for startup tech and non-tech talent, and exclusive talent and AI-centric insights from over 100+ startup founders, VCs, and operators.

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Glints is the leading talent ecosystem in Southeast Asia. Our mission is to enable the 120 million professionals in the region to grow their careers and empower organizations to hire the right talent from anywhere in Southeast Asia. Officially launched in 2015 in Singapore, Glints has empowered more than 6 million talents and 60,000 organizations to realize their human potential. Today, we stand at the forefront of human capital empowerment as the fastest-growing startup in the career development and talent recruitment space. Glints operates in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

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Founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs Peng T. Ong and Kuo-Yi Lim, MHV is a venture capital firm investing in early-stage tech companies, primarily Pre Series-A and Series A, in Southeast Asia. Backed by institutional investors and family offices worldwide, MHV works with great entrepreneurs to use technology to improve the lives of millions of people in the region.

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