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 Achieving Strategic 
 Product-Market Fit 

How to Derive & Deliver Value to Your Target Market

with Thomas Jeng,
General Manager (Singapore)
of Aspire 

with Thomas Jeng,

General Manager (Singapore)

of Aspire

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About the episode

Southeast Asia thrives on innovation, but few concepts are as fundamental as product-market fit. It's when your product seamlessly aligns with customer needs, igniting sustainable growth and fostering passionate users. Yet finding the sweet spot can leave leaders and teams feeling frustrated, so how do you get there?

In this episode, we unpack what it means to craft a winning product strategy that identifies a strong market opportunity and positions your business for success. Join us as we delve into the key considerations for building and iterating on a product that delivers real value and resonates with customers. This includes hiring the right talent, putting stakes on the ground, setting clear goals, and exploring strategic partnerships.

Guest speaker

Thomas Jeng, General Manager (Singapore) of Aspire 

Thomas Jeng is General Manager, Singapore at Aspire, a fast-growing FinTech company providing finance solutions to startups, SMBs, investment firms, and the web3 community throughout the Asia-Pacific.

Prior to joining Aspire, he held a variety of roles in the startup and venture capital space, including at a SaaS startup and international investment firm 500 Global. In addition, Thomas is active as a mentor and advisor to startups throughout the world. 

Thomas began his career in strategy consulting at firms such as Boston Consulting Group and Gartner. Thomas holds degrees from Georgetown University and the Yale School of Management.