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 Enhancing Your Brand 
 Through Content 

Storytelling Strategies for Southeast Asia Market Expansion

with Derek Tan,
Media Entrepreneur & Co-founder
of Viddsee

with Derek Tan,

Media Entrepreneur &

of Viddsee

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About the episode

Every business leader knows that a strong brand can increase the value of your company and your products. After all, a strong brand increases customer loyalty and spending, driving overall business growth.

According to recent research, Southeast Asians are among the most likely to visit social media in order to learn about brands and see their content. We all know stories have the power to connect, but in this dynamic region, storytelling is even more potent, deeply ingrained in the cultural fabric. So how do you capture the hearts and minds of local consumers?

In this episode, we'll equip you with the brand building and enhancing insights needed to resonate with the market on a deeper level. Join us as we explore powerful storytelling strategies to stand out from the competition. This includes crafting compelling narratives that emotionally connect, navigating cultural nuances, choosing content formats for maximum impact, and more.

Guest speaker

Derek Tan, Media Entrepreneur & Co-founder of Viddsee

Derek is a media entrepreneur with a strong passion for content and technology. At the heart of what he does, he loves empowering creators to grow communities around their content, build empathy, and drive action with their voices and stories.

He co-founded Viddsee in 2013, a filmmaker-creator platform for short films, documentaries, and short drama series with over 3 billion views. He started with multiple roles in product development, creator community, business development and fundraising. He later took on the Chief Commercial Officer role to lead his company to a 7-figure business and profitability.

He stepped down from Viddsee in 2023 to focus on self-development and family. He is currently building his next venture to transform the next billion lives with media and education while taking up fractional roles to continue using stories to impact lives and helping creators.