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Harnessing Gen AI For
Creative & Business Innovation

AI's Potential for Augmenting Human Creativity

and Its Impact on the Future of Work

With Laurent Thevenet,

Head of Creative Tech APAC

of Publicis Groupe

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About the episode

The business landscape in Southeast Asia is booming, with innovation at its core. But in this fast-paced environment, companies are constantly searching for that next big edge. What if the answer wasn't just another talented hire, but leveraging the power of Gen AI to unlock new creative possibilities?

In this episode, we take a deep dive into the exciting intersection of Gen AI and creative innovation for businesses across Southeast Asia. We'll move beyond the headlines about AI replacing jobs and explore how AI is actually augmenting human creativity and generating fresh ideas in fields that were once considered purely artistic.

We'll also provide a holistic view of the latest adoption and hiring trends within Southeast Asia, discussing how businesses across the region are integrating AI into their teams and the skills they're looking for in the new AI-powered workforce.

Guest speaker

Laurent Thevenet, Head of Creative Tech APAC of Publicis Groupe

Laurent is a creative technology leader playing at the intersection of art, data and engineering. Over the last 20 years, Laurent has worked at tech start-ups and agencies such as R/GA and now Publicis Groupe, delivering large-scale digital campaigns & products across Asia, Australia and the Middle East for Nike, Uber, Google, McDonald’s, Netflix, YouTube, Telstra, Toyota, Heineken, Honda, and many others. The work of Laurent and his teams has been recognised at regional and global marketing & design award shows.

While Laurent remains an active practitioner in fields such as generative design, new media art and AI, he is also a strategic leader constantly working on developing new capabilities around emerging technologies at his companies. Laurent is always on the look for the next generation of creative and tech talents across the organisations he is working at or in collaboration with leading universities.