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Revolutionizing Marketing &
Sales with AI

Unlocking Explosive Growth

for Your Business in Southeast Asia

With Jonathan Chew,

AI and Revenue Strategist


with Jonathan Chew,

AI and Revenue Strategist


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About the episode

Feeling the heat of competition in Southeast Asia's booming market? You're not alone. Navigating the complexities of regional marketing and sales to generate more revenue can be a real challenge. But there's a powerful solution: AI that delivers. So how can businesses move beyond buzzwords and supercharge their growth through actual AI applications?

In this episode, we explore how AI can ingest your business data to personalize the customer journey and optimize campaigns for laser-sharp targeting across Southeast Asia. We also unpack the art of "promptcrafting" for more precise outputs, building and training custom GPTs to handle specific marketing and sales tasks, and best practices with readily available tools to optimize your funnel.

Guest speaker

Jonathan Chew, AI and Revenue Strategist of

Jonathan Chew is a technically proficient AI and Revenue Strategist with over two decades of experience in Sales, Marketing, and Technology. At the helm of, he leads strategic executions across industries, focusing on practical AI optimizations in sales, marketing, finance, and product development. 

Jonathan has orchestrated digital transformations in large enterprises, affecting over 30,000 employees and spearheading more than 30 AI projects including application layer deployments on GPT-4 and Stable Diffusion. As a data-driven strategist known for his technical competence, Jonathan collaborates closely with technical teams to solve complex challenges, enhancing business strategies with advanced AI and machine learning insights. 

He holds an EMBA, an MSc in AI/ML Management, and multiple technical Postgraduate Diplomas in Data Science, AI, and Software Engineering. Jonathan is an AI Top Voice on LinkedIn, and also serves as a Corporate Partner and Advisor to Universities in Europe and the Middle East.