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 Winning the Media with 
 Modern PR Strategies 

Public Relations Tactics for Today's Diverse
& Competitive Media Landscape

With Peggy Wu,
Founder & Managing Director
of Milkfish

with Peggy Wu,

Founder & Managing Director

of Milkfish

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About the episode

Southeast Asia's burgeoning economy and rapidly growing middle class present an irresistible opportunity for business expansion. However, unlike established markets, navigating the PR landscape in Southeast Asia requires a more nuanced approach.

This diverse region is steeped in rich cultural nuances, varying media ecosystems, and rapidly evolving industries. These factors significantly impact how people consume information, build trust, and engage with brands, necessitating a strategic PR approach. In this age of constant change, how can businesses stay ahead of the curve and successfully establish themselves in the region?

In this episode, we go beyond simply outlining tactics. Join us as we tackle the intricacies of developing a robust SEA-focused PR strategy, establishing why the role of "strategic communication" can be a game-changer for your expanding business. We cover media relations, message amplification, brand equity growth, and more.

Guest speaker

Peggy Wu, Founder & Managing Director of Milkfish

Peggy Wu is the Founder & Managing Director  of Milkfish, a communications & PR consultancy. At Milkfish, she works closely with tech founders and business leaders in Southeast Asia on building and protecting brand and reputation in the region. This includes communication strategies to raise profile among potential customers, build awareness among investors for fundraising, acquire sought-after tech talent, and issues management. The strategy is then translated through brand, marketing and PR channels and tools. She also provides fractional support for companies.

She is an Asia communications specialist and has been in the region for over 13 years advising tech companies, corporates, MNCs, and financial institutions on branding, marketing, and communications. 

She was previously the Head of Communications at Monk's Hill Ventures  ('MHV'), an early-stage tech VC firm in Southeast Asia where she built its reputation as the leading Series A fund in the region. In this role, she also advised the fund's portfolio (30+ companies) including Ninja  Van, ELSA, Glints, and KKday on communications for fundraising and talent acquisition.

Before MHV, Peggy was a Managing Director at Teneo. She also held roles at Ryan Communication, Fleishman-Hillard, and Edelman. She was also a consultant for social media platform Sina Weibo.

Peggy holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from American University in Washington D.C.