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Glints assists Tokyo-based unicorn RevComm to tap into Indonesia’s talent pool and accelerate its expansion plans in Southeast Asia.

“Glints knows the market and regulations of Indonesia. It’s fair to say it’s a one-stop service regarding human resources and other legal matters. They can translate our requirements to the candidates and let them understand what we’re looking for.”

- Takeshi Aida, CEO of Revcomm




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RevComm is a Japanese software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup that gears its mission towards “reinventing communication to create a society where people think of others.” 

Its product, MiiTel, is a cloud Internet Protocol (IP) phone that leverages AI to visualize telemarketing and customer interaction. It was first launched in Japan back in October 2018.

In just four and a half years since its inception, MiiTel has gained almost 44,000 users. RevComm has also been granted several awards including Forbes Japan Startup of the Year, Japan Venture Awards, and many more.


For RevComm, Indonesia is seen as the ideal destination to grow MiiTel, as it was the region’s largest digital economy and there were no AI-enhanced voice-to-text VoIP products in the market yet.

However, the team faced a hurdle in its expansion plans since it was not familiar with the talent landscape in Indonesia and did not have insider knowledge of the country.

Without any proper networks in Indonesia, RevComm used LinkedIn and approached people individually. It was a process that Aida describes as “painful”.

Since voicetech was still a developing industry, it was hard for RevComm to explain the concept to potential candidates. Thus, it was difficult to find skilled talent to join them — particularly sales and customer success representatives.

Additionally, RevComm was not familiar with Indonesian compliance matters such as payroll, tax, and insurance. They also had a limited understanding of Indonesia’s workplace culture, which can be tedious and time-consuming to grasp.


RevComm decided to partner with Glints to tap into Indonesia’s talent pool and accelerate its search for the right talent. 

Glints provided RevComm with a personalized hiring experience to address its hiring needs and pain points, which involved curating interview-ready talent from its regional talent pool, and facilitating the recruitment process from onboarding all the way to compliance management.

Aida adds that the recruitment process was great since he received quick responses from Glints account and talent managers. He commends the quality of the talent pool that Glints has, explaining that there were no problems with their new hires.

To rocket start into a new market, we need to have certain proper talent. Through Glints, we now have an operation team dedicated to us. Glints is super helpful from A to Z. Without their help, we won’t be able to do it for sure.


Since partnering with Glints in 2022, RevComm has been able to focus solely on its expansion plan. They’ve successfully engaged with more than 100 Indonesian businesses and have over 1,000 active MiiTel users. 

Aida summarized his whole experience with Glints with just one word — “awesome”. The successful venture into Indonesia has set RevComm’s eyes on expanding its business into several other Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and The Philippines. 

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