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Glints assists Japanese unicorn startup Tripla to find skilled Taiwanese talent and realize its goal of developing and improving its products’ features.

“We want to accelerate the development of features to make sure that our customers are happy.”

- Kaku Toriu, CTO of Tripla




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Interested to know more?

Read the full story on the Glints for Employers blog.”

Interested to know more?

Read the full story on the Glints for Employers blog.”



Tripla is a Japanese SaaS provider that specializes in AI chatbot services for a variety of industries. It also has a hotel booking engine that is one of the largest in Japan.

The enterprise has recently attained its public listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market in November 2022 — its biggest milestone yet.

Focusing on conversion for customer success, Tripla has most of its resources invested in its products to continuously provide new services.


Tripla wants to accelerate the development of its products’ features for customer satisfaction. However, recruiting local Japanese tech talent can be expensive since the talent supply is scarce.

It also needed English-speaking talent to further its agenda of expanding into new markets. The company considered hiring talent from Taiwan but lacked expertise about the country’s tech talent, including their skills and experience. Tripla tried to hire through LinkedIn and word of mouth. However, this was a time-consuming process and yielded no results.


The company decided to engage Glints to search for capable Taiwanese tech talent. Within weeks, candidates were shortlisted and interviewed by Tripla.

Glints’ end-to-end recruitment process ensured that Tripla would be able to expand their team with minimal hassle and maximum efficiency. From selecting the right talent all the way to onboarding and beyond, Glints were with them at every step of the hiring journey.

We’ve been getting very good services from Glints since the beginning of the relationship. So we will look for more collaborations together in the future.


Since its first successful hire with Glints, Tripla has hired several other Taiwanese tech talent and has grown its team exponentially. Now it can focus on its primary goal of developing and improving its products’ features to achieve customer satisfaction.

The Japanese enterprise already has plans to collaborate more with Glints to expand its operations into the Southeast Asia market. This move will further strengthen its position in the region and bring in more business opportunities for Tripla in the future.

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