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Tutor Circle

Glints assists leading Hong Kong-based edtech startup Tutor Circle with hiring tech talent in Southeast Asia to enhance their online tutoring matching platform.

“I think that service and experience are important because employers need a candidate very soon. Glints’ response is fast. This makes Glints different from other agencies.”

- Andy Ng, founder of Tutor Circle


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Founded in 2014, Tutor Circle is one of the biggest online tutoring matching platforms in Hong Kong that connects students to tutors. It also aims to deliver quality educational resources that are highly accessible to those who require them. 

The startup matches professional tutors with students through a real-time matching system which can form a pair in as little as two hours. In 2021, Tutor Circle served over 30,000 parents and students and had a turnover of almost HKD 8 million (USD 1 million) that year. 

The startup widened its reach when it launched its hybrid tutor matching services in 2022, which placed greater emphasis on one-to-one online tutoring. This expansion has enabled the startup to extend its services across locations beyond Hong Kong.


As with any organization, Tutor Circle requires skilled talent to enable the business to grow. However, the shrinking talent pool in Hong Kong had left businesses with little to no options.

Ng explains that the country’s social movements, coupled with strict travel and business laws brought about by the pandemic, resulted in an exodus of promising local talent.

Because of the shrinking talent pool in Hong Kong, employers have looked at Southeast Asia as a potential source to hire remote talent. Ng was particularly interested in Malaysia’s talent pool, but despite the appeal, Ng quickly realized that hiring remote talent was not easy.

Tutor Circle posted job ads on several different local job portals, but the method proved ineffective since potential candidates were not automatically filtered, requiring them to manually screen each one. 

This process was time-consuming and tedious. The edtech startup had also leveraged LinkedIn to source for potential talent, but encountered similar issues.


It’s because of these roadblocks in their search for remote talent which led Tutor Circle to engage Glints as their hiring partner.

According to Ng, the customer journey with Glints was positive, with dedicated account and talent managers facilitating the recruitment process from onboarding to compliance management. 

Glints provided a personalized hiring experience by curating interview-ready talents from its talent pool in Malaysia and ensuring that the candidates were the right fit for the startup. 

I’ve approached other recruitment firms before, but none gave me the experience and service such as Glints. It’s one of the best in Asia.


Since working with Glints, Tutor Circle has been able to hire two remote software engineers from Malaysia with none of the legwork. Ng shares that he was pleased with the process and the talent they hired, who have fitted in seamlessly with his local team.

Tutor Circle has recently secured funds and is now looking to expand its services into Singapore within the next few quarters of 2023. Naturally, the startup needs to recruit more talent, and are looking forward to partnering with Glints again for this future endeavor.

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