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Travel Expert

Glints assists leading Hong Kong-based travel agency Travel Expert to build a tech hub in Taiwan to accelerate and ensure the continued delivery of unrivaled customer travel experiences.

"We are very satisfied with how dedicated Glints is to our talent needs, even beyond the hiring phase. This level of service is truly gratifying."

- Kelvin Ko, Managing Director, Travel Expert


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Founded in 1986, Travel Expert is one of the most recognized travel agencies in Hong Kong, specializing in connecting travelers with their dream destinations. With over 30 years of travel industry experience, the agency is committed to offering curated and easily accessible travel packages that are not only easily accessible but tailored to the aspirations of avid global explorers.


Kelvin Ko, the Managing Director of Travel Expert, expressed a determination to rebound in the post-pandemic period. This realization transformed into a newfound ambition: to diversify their business to suit the evolving needs of their customers.

Not only did they reopen many of their retail stores, but they also introduced a hybrid travel planning platform that emphasized both online consultations and personalized itinerary planning. This strategic move positions the agency to anticipate serving customers globally in the future.

However, to continuously maintain and enhance the platform, Travel Expert needed skilled and dedicated tech talent, which as Kelvin soon discovered, became more elusive due to Hong Kong's shrinking talent pool. Kelvin also noted that the aftermath of the pandemic led to a noticeable shift in the labor market.

He noticed that a considerable number of talent in Hong Kong were shifting away from pursuing long-term employment. Instead, a trend emerged where individuals gravitated towards freelancing. This approach allowed them to work in multiple jobs concurrently, ensuring multiple sources of income while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

As the conventional office setup became less appealing for many, Travel Expert encountered challenges in attracting the right talent. Alongside the rising costs of recruitment, which added an extra layer of complexity, Travel Expert struggled to set itself apart from competitors, particularly as they aimed to expand and elevate their business.


Kelvin was introduced to Glints through an existing client. The client spoke highly of Glints' hiring approach, emphasizing the team’s focus on cost-efficiency and the delivery of high-quality talent. Following a thorough understanding of Travel Expert’s hiring needs, Glints recommended Kelvin to consider hiring tech talent from Taiwan.

Although the notion of hiring in Taiwan was new and slightly daunting, their first hiring experience changed their perspective. Through a streamlined hiring process, Glints collaborated closely with Travel Expert to manage the performance of their new hires and facilitate seamless communication.

Following the positive experience, Kelvin also became more open to hiring from different countries and diversifying their talent sourcing, especially when they planned to expand their business to other markets in the future.

"The candidates they've recommended have consistently exceeded our expectations. Glints' expertise and dedication to finding the right talent have proven invaluable to our success."


After discovering the maturity of the tech talent pool in Taiwan and being impressed with Glints’ solutions, Kelvin decided to extend Travel Expert’s hiring efforts to cover talent in corporate services as well to support their business operations and grow his team.

As the fast-growing agency sets its sights on business expansion, building a tech hub in Taiwan with Glints marked the first step towards success. Through this partnership, Travel Expert was now able to channel its efforts into enhancing and refining their products and features, thus ensuring the continued delivery of top-notch customer travel experiences.

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