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Two Alpha

Glints assists Singapore-based financial research firm Two Alpha to hire niche talent in Indonesia and Vietnam to enhance its product and scale its operations.

“The level of responsiveness and diligence really stands out. When we approach Glints, they take it upon themselves to really understand our requirements and listen to our needs. ”

- Sean Foo, Chief Business Officer of Two Alpha




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Established in 2019, Two Alpha is a leading quantitative research startup based in Singapore. The company specializes in building high-quality, alpha-driven trading models aimed at outperforming the market. 

It was founded with the vision of making quantitative trading strategies, traditionally limited to larger institutions and hedge funds, accessible and profitable for all, including retail investors and ordinary traders.

What sets Two Alpha apart from its competitors is its proprietary framework, which was meticulously built from the ground up with many distinctive properties and features. In essence, the company’s trading strategies are designed to minimize the unrealized losses of their clients.


The scarcity of talent is a well-known issue in Singapore. Two Alpha faced significant difficulties in recruiting high-quality local talent from a highly competitive pool. These challenges were amplified by the company's distinctive operations, which required expertise in the emerging domains of artificial intelligence and data science.

For example, when Two Alpha is looking to hire a software developer, the position requires not only programming proficiency but also a quantitative aptitude for statistics and mathematics. Candidates are also expected to demonstrate an expressed interest in finance or possess a background in the field.

The same holds true for sales talent, as Foo notes that many individuals often encounter difficulties when it comes to effectively conveying the technical intricacies of the product to clients. These demanding criteria further intensify the challenges of identifying suitable talent.

Without possessing the right skillset to oversee the necessary operations, an organization's ability to scale up becomes exceedingly challenging.


Confronted with various challenges in hiring, Two Alpha strategically opted to form a partnership with Glints to tackle its recruitment requirements and extend talent sourcing beyond local boundaries.

The customer-centric approach of Glints recruiters ensured that Two Alpha received high-quality CVs from potential candidates. This significantly reduced the need for extensive filtering, streamlining the process of finding their ideal candidates. 

Dedicated account managers further enhanced the recruitment process by providing prompt and responsive support, contributing to a smooth and efficient experience.

“I felt a lot of passion from the Glints team. Initially, we collaborated with their team to explore Indonesian talent, but now we expanded our partnership to include their team from other regions as well. And we can see that level of consistency in terms of attitude, performance, dynamism — right around the organization.”


With Glints, the company managed to hire skilled talent such as a Product Specialist, a Digital Marketing Executive, and a Software Developer across different markets in Southeast Asia. As Foo notes, having a regional team did not pose any operational challenge due to the advancement of technology.

In various aspects such as work delivery and team bonding, Two Alpha perceived no differentiation between regional teams and the local team. In fact, these talented individuals have flourished into invaluable members of the organization, with one individual even ascending to the role of team leader.

Building on the positive experience of regional teams, Two Alpha is looking to elevate their scaling capabilities even further by tapping into talent pools such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and more. More importantly, this move brings the company one step closer to realizing its mission of making its quantitative trading strategies accessible to a wider audience.

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