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Glints assists fast-growing Hong Kong-based fintech startup Wizpresso to build a tech hub in Taiwan to achieve its vision of streamlining market workflows for financial institutions and businesses.

"Glints' professionalism shines through in their excellent attention to detail when suggesting suitable candidates.”

- Calvin Cheng, CEO of Wizpresso


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Founded in 2017, Wizpresso is an AI-driven fintech startup that augments capital markets workflow and empowers industry stakeholders. Its mission is to make data workflows simple and more efficient using advanced deep learning and NLP technologies. With regional headquarters located in Hong Kong, Wizpresso services global investment banks, international law firms, as well as various local enterprises in the region.

A significant recent achievement for Wizpresso is its partnership with Hang Seng Index, the largest index provider in Hong Kong, to create theme indexes using its cutting-edge technology. This collaboration has resulted in a considerable number of investment indexes utilized by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) being powered by Wizpresso's NLP technology.

In addition, Wizpresso has successfully served over 60% of IPO law firms in Hong Kong through FACTIFY, their due diligence product for verification.


Cheng notes that the current economic climate is triggering significant changes that are reshaping the dynamics of financial markets. Despite these circumstances, he maintains an optimistic stance, regarding them as avenues for growth rather than obstacles.

However, capitalizing on these opportunities has amplified the need for more advanced technology. As a result, this has also intensified the demand for skilled tech talent, a resource that has grown progressively limited within Hong Kong’s talent pool. Although Cheng recognizes the availability of skilled tech talent in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, expanding its talent search regionally presented unique complications.

For instance, the absence of an established legal entity in these markets made it difficult for Wizpresso to hire and manage talent beyond borders. The unfamiliarity with tax implications and local labor laws also further exacerbated these intricacies.


Cheng was introduced to Glints through an existing client. The client spoke highly of Glints, underscoring the team's proficiency as a fast and cost-efficient end-to-end HR solution for tech startup companies in Hong Kong.

Despite initial concerns about how a remote team could effectively collaborate with the Hong Kong-based team, Glints reassured Cheng and his team that creating a conducive and secure working environment for Wizpresso's talent was their utmost priority. They also ensured strict adherence to local regulations and committed to regular check-ins to ensure the highest standards of productivity and support.

"Glints provides us with peace of mind, allowing us to directly hire through their solution and save valuable time by streamlining administrative and recruitment tasks. Their commitment to sourcing the right talent has significantly contributed to our goals."


Since partnering with Glints, Wizpresso has seamlessly established a tech hub in Taiwan, comprising skilled and high-performing software engineers and data scientists with a robust financial background. These talent, as highlighted by Cheng, have been instrumental in ensuring that Wizpresso’s products remain innovative and aligned with market needs.

With an eye on the future, Cheng is focused on further diversifying his team and scaling the company’s product development efforts. As he continues to search for talent in various Asian markets, including Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia, Cheng remains enthusiastic about deepening their partnership with Glints, who are actively supporting his global aspirations.

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