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Quick Facts





Kuala Lumpur UTC +8



Malaysia (RM)


Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin, Tamil


19.2% - 22.7%



Talent Landscape

Malaysia is rapidly transforming under the Twelfth Malaysia Plan 2021-2025; realigning its labor market and developing future-ready talent. This is giving rise to a strong pipeline of hybrid Malaysian talent, who are generalists with key competencies across multiple skill sets. International companies also view Malaysian talent as having the qualities they require for industrial expansion, most notably in the tech and engineering sectors.

Tech skills in demand

Sales Executive

Full Stack Developer

Backend Developer

Frontend Developer

Web Developer

Median Salary (USD)

Malaysia’s median salary is not as competitive as compared to other Southeast Asian countries. The talent pool is highly educated and have a good command of the English language.

Popular jobs and median monthly base salary

The Global Competitiveness Report 2019 by the World Economic Forum places Malaysian talent a high 6th out of 141 in terms of its pay-to-productivity ratio.

Job Title

Median Monthly Base Salary (in RM)

Median Monthly Base Salary (in USD)

Sales Executive



Full Stack Developer



Backend Developer



Fronted Developer



Web Developer



Job Title

Monthly Base Salary

Software Engineer

MR 9,270

USD 2,100

UI/UX Designer

MR 7,990

USD 1,810

Product Manager

MR 9,490

USD 2,150

Data Scientist

MR 9,220

USD 2,090

Business Development & Sales Executive

MR 3,090

USD 700

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Working Culture

Malaysia is a multi-cultural nation that embodies various Asian values from the respective cultures. However, the country also observes Islamic values in their day to day interactions at work.

Collectivism over Individualism

Majority of local firms practice group-centeredness — the traditional value of cooperation amongst group members to maintain group harmony.

Strong religious influence

As a Muslim-majority country, a culture of modesty and gratitude is prevalent in Malaysia. This influences business attire as well as office norms. Employers should provide concessions when it comes to Friday prayers and Ramadan working hours.

Relationship oriented

Trust is a key factor in the Malaysian workplace. Personal relationships play a big role when it comes to interacting with others, often delving into questions about personal lives such as family.

Value harmony over conflict

Malaysians tend to not be upfront about how they feel. When confronted, they will often try to deescalate the situation and resolve it in a peaceful manner. They also tend to not voice out their honest opinions when asked to express their views about the management.

It's best for employers to engage with them directly and leverage personal relationships so that employees can be comfortable to voice out their views.

Employment Terms

Employers are required to issue a written contract of service for any employment that exceeds a period of 1 month. The contract must be retained by the employers for 6 years after its expiry. The legal framework that governs employment contracts in Malaysia are stated under the Employment Act 1955 and the Industrial Relations Act 1967. Employees who earn more than RM4,000 (US$900) per month are exempted from some overtime pay and termination compensation regulations.









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