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Vietnam Standard Time UTC+ 7


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Vietnamese, English





Tech Talent Landscape

Vietnam is pegged to be Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing digital economy in the next decade. Entrepreneurs have sprouted exponentially over the past years in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, ranking the country third in the region when it comes to investments and funding for its greatly expanding startup scene. As a result, Vietnam's maturing local talent pool has been a hotbed for global startups looking to hire remotely, earning it the 6th most attractive country for offshore business services in 2021.

Top roles in demand

Backend Developer

QA/Test Engineer

Frontend Developer

Full Stack Developer

Sales Manager

Median Salary (USD)

Vietnam's median salary is among the lowest competitive as compared to the rest of Southeast Asia. Brimming with potential, Vietnam's rising tech talent pool is a good source for cost-conscious employment.

Popular jobs and median monthly base salary

The rise of a young, educated population, as well as strong public-private sector support, has positioned Vietnam as a maturing talent hub in Southeast Asia.

Job Title

Median Monthly Base Salary (in VND)

Median Monthly Base Salary (in USD)

Backend Developer



QA/Test Engineer



Fronted Developer



Full Stack Developer



Sales Manager



Job Title

Monthly Base Salary

Software Engineer

VND 47,150,000

USD 2,000

UI/UX Designer

VND 29,468,750

USD 1,250

Product Manager

VND 58,937,500

USD 2,500

Data Scientist

VND 50,214,750

USD 2,130

Business Development & Sales Executive

VND 25,932,500

USD 1,100

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Working Culture

Vietnamese culture is one that embodies Asian values. The people in the workforce are conscientious and respect hierarchy, They are hard working and prefer a workspace that is not confrontational.


In Vietnamese culture, there is strong emphasis on status, achieved through seniority and education. Leaders make decisions while employees execute action plans, maintaining utmost respect for seniors – both in rank and age.

Non- confrontational

Vietnamese culture is rich in respect, which means disagreements are handled subtly and rejections may be conveyed through third parties. During discussions, moments of tension can be met with silence until the conversation simmers down naturally.


As part of taking their work seriously, Vietnamese employees are responsible and dependable. Punctuality is expected. They are also resourceful and stick to the task until it is complete.

Communication Barriers

Fresh Vietnamese tech developers may not have strong English communication skills as compared to their seniors, so they may take longer to deliver their ideas in a clear, logical manner. However, they are quick to learn and patient when communicating, resulting in a pleasant working experience.

Employment Terms

In Vietnam, both employer and employee must sign a written labor contract in two languages (employee's native language and Vietnamese) before the agreement is considered lawful. Contracts here are either indefinite-term, fixed-term (12-36 months) or seasonal (under 12 months).

A good contract covers all matters relating to the employment: workplace, job requirements, compensation, social insurance, as well as health and safety provisions.

Employment law is largely derived from the Labour Code – combined with other decrees, collective guidelines, and company rules. Companies who send Vietnamese workers overseas must also comply with the Law on Sending Vietnamese Laborers to Work Overseas









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